Is Eating Modern Wheat MAKING YOU ILL?

Learn how to Enhance your Vitality with Ancient Einkorn Wheat and Aromatic Essential Oils

"Today's modern wheat is a source of many health issues" according to Dr. William Davis MD and Dr. David Perlmutter MD, authors of Wheat Belly and Grain Brain. 

Do you love food? 

Have you found food that "doesn't always love you back"? 

Our personal healthy journey spurred our family's quest to understand how our food and lifestyle choices matter. One of our lightbulb moments was learning how the authenticity and
quality of food has morphed over the years and how it affects the wellness or the illness of our bodies. 

We're Angela and Ray Shim, Core Vitality Coaches. We love to travel and explore the world's diverse cuisines, and this is our wellness journey.  

Invincible youth .. or is it? When we were younger we thought our bodies were invincible. We ate pretty much everything and we thought all food was created equal. 

"What we didn't know ended up compromising Angela's health and almost costing her life." 

In her twenties, Angela started developing a sudden and severe allergy to shellfish. Hives would cover her face and body. She even passed out when she accidentally ate a baby shrimp.  Abstaining from shellfish relieved these bouts, and after a while it became a mute point. 

The turning point

When twenty-five weeks pregnant with our son, Angela experienced severe swelling of her fingers.  The family physician found Angela's normally low blood pressure had spiked significantly along with protein in her urine - two markers for toxemia/pre-eclampsia. Angela was ordered to immediate hospital bedrest. After four weeks, Angela was transferred to a hospital specializing in the care of extremely premature babies. 

Following a haunting emergency caesarean section delivery of our son at 29 weeks, Angela remained in Intensive Care on a ventilator, gasping for her with fluid in her lungs. Twelve pounds of edema filled her body and she resembled a Goodyear Blimp.   

We were utterly shocked since Angela was considered healthy prior to her pregnancy.  

Food can be our medicine, AND, it can be our poison. 

A tumultuous journey parenting a young child with severe eczema, asthma, multiple food and environmental sensitivities led Angela on an in-depth quest for the root cause. 

Angela's career change to the study of Holistic Nutrition revealed that the toxemia during pregnancy was related to gut dysbiosis. This auto-intoxication of the gut was the catalyst to her downward health spiral. This discovery led to making conscious lifestyle and dietary changes and the reclamation of health and vitality for the entire family. 

We are now impassioned to assist others to reclaim their health and vitality! 

A blessing of this journey is our new relationship with nutrient-dense whole foods, like the ancient einkorn wheat, and life-force enhancing essential oils, to support our well-being and that of the planet.  

We are committed to creating healthy, nutritious and simple-to-prepare dishes for the whole family and we love sharing the wisdom of what we learned to inspire and empower others.  

Our love affair with food continues! 

We are happy to send you a complimentary copy of Ray's 

Einkorn for Better Health Recipe Collection 


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as your starting point to transforming your experience with food! 

Ray and Angela Shim 

Founder, Heart Scents Wellness 

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